lamps with a sense of humor

muse lamps

Tiny dancer clarinet
clarinet dancer
Strat guitar lamp, cymbal shade
Corvette desk lamp
corvette desk lamp
Richmond lamp, mirror bulb
swing arm lamp
Victorian steampunk
victorian steampunk
Ezekiel's hand, riveted base
Ezekiel hand,
Swingin saxophone, dual color
dual color saxophone
Rocket lamp, flame bulb, quick
flame bulb rocket lamp
Parisian clarinet, 1890's
1890 clarinet Parisian clarinet
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Space light
space light
Darth rocket
Victorian steampunk
Jersey Steampunk
Graflex reporter 1930's
graflex reporter
Tesla energy lamp
Hand lamps,
hand lamp
Jet turtle
fast turtle
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All my lamps have a sense of humor. They are made to make you smile. They are all one of a kind.  To tell you the truth I can't remember how to make it again. You can only buy a lamp if you'll give it a good home. So you want to talk, call me or text me. You won't be disappointed.
,  phone or text me @ 702-810-0404

Graflex reporter 1930's

graflex reporter